Affinity Strategies

Bringing Innovation to Associations: “Helping Our Clients Evolve and Grow” with Marisa Snell

Lauren Shaffer
September 07, 2022

In her seven months with Affinity Strategies, Marisa Snell has witnessed innovation in how the team can help its clients overcome any obstacles.

“Our team has a lot of experience in the industry and can make suggestions to solve any roadblocks our clients have so they can evolve and grow.”

However, one of the biggest changes in the industry has been coming back to in-person events after being in a virtual setting during the height of COVID. In addition, the company has experienced remarkable growth, with several new employees added since she started earlier this year.

Snell’s career started in financial services, then she made the switch to trade show management before coming to association management.

“A lot of the experience I gained working in trade show management, I am able to use in my association management role,” Snell said. “Both roles have a large customer service and project management component and my experience with trade shows is very helpful in planning client’s annual meetings.”

In her role as association manager, Snell’s day-to-day is “taking care of my clients so they can focus on their mission.”

Her passion for her work comes from a desire to help others.

“I like to help people,” Snell said. “I feel like if I can help my clients manage their day to day, they can focus on their strategic goals.”

Its qualities like this that make the team such a success at Affinity.

“I would describe the team as knowledgeable, passionate, collaborative and respectful. Our core values really represent the team,” Snell stated. “We have a cohesive team of people who love their job with a passion for helping others.”

She hopes that by helping clients with the day-to-day responsibilities, they can fulfill their mission of improving the lives of others.