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Client Spotlight: The Dysphagia Research Society

Affinity Strategies
June 08, 2023

The Dysphagia Research Society (DRS) was created in 1993 to enhance and encourage research pertinent to normal and disordered swallowing and related functions. It also serves: 

  • to attract and encourage new students, investigators and others from diverse backgrounds to the field and foster their development within a collegial, supportive, and inclusive environment
  • to encourage interdisciplinary research
  • to promote the dissemination of knowledge related to normal and disordered swallowing and related functions
  • to provide a multidisciplinary forum for presentation of research into normal and disordered swallowing and related functions
  • to foster research leading to new methodologies and instrumentation for the study of normal and disordered swallowing and its clinical applications
  • to enhance and encourage research, and use of research in evidence-based practice, that improves the lives and function of those with swallowing disorders
  • to enhance and encourage research in the area of normal and disordered swallowing that is inclusive and equitable. We encourage our members to perform and support research that strives to reduce health inequities globally and aims to include diverse voices and perspectives 

DRS was formed in 1993 and includes researchers and practitioners of evidence-based clinical practice related to dysphagia, student and trainee members including those in undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral, Post-Doctoral, residency or fellowship programs, emeritus members including those retired, those who have maintained full membership level for 10 years or have made a substantive contribution to the field or the society and affiliate members who have an interest in dysphagia research. 

In addition to an annual meeting, DRS offers programs to further the education of its members. This includes the Pediatric Dysphagia Special Interest Group which was formed to grow and retain DRS members specifically interested in swallowing and aerodigestive disorders that present during childhood. 

In addition, DRS offers a members-only journal and has a research and education fund to further its mission.

Since August 2022, Affinity Strategies has served as the management company for DRS. You can learn more about the society at Dysphagia Research Society.

DRS is proud to sponsor Dash for Dysphagia, an event to increase awareness of swallowing disorders and raise funds for dysphagia research. The DRS Dash for Dysphagia is a fun way for friends and colleagues around the world to join together in their support of the DRS Research and Education Fund (R&E Fund). This VIRTUAL event will help raise funds to support early investigators from across the globe through travel scholarships offered for our 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting and support the DRS Research and Education Fund which will help establish future scholarships and grants to our members. Show your support by signing up as an individual and raise funds, joining a team and competing against others around the world to see who can raise the most funds, or sponsoring the event. 

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