Affinity Strategies

Offering Services to Bring Growth to Associations with Corrine Marconi

Lauren Shaffer
April 24, 2023

Establishing a strategic plan to meet an association’s goals is imperative to any organization’s success, but at Affinity Strategies, that is just one aspect of association management. 

Corrine Marconi, Executive Director of American Association of Surgical Physician Assistants (AASPA) and Association of Children’s Prosthetic-Orthotic Clinics (ACPOC), has seen the success of many of these clients in the past four years she has been in the company. 

“We’ve offered organizations financial, membership, non-dues revenue, strategic plan, graphic design, website transfers and newsletter solutions,” she said. 

In addition, there has been significant expansion in her time with Affinity Strategies. 

“We’ve had a great deal of growth over the years. When I started, we had 7 or 8 clients and now we have 20,” Marconi said.  

Prior to working at Affinity, Marconi worked in the hotel/restaurant management space bringing dining services to local, regional and national companies across the United States.  

She began at Affinity in 2018 when the economy was doing well, with memberships and meeting registration numbers high. She notes that both pre- and post-Covid, involved board members and communication assist in meetings and the organizations running smoothly. 

Some feedback from the organizations she has helped manage include: 

“We were very comfortable with the conversations that we have had with AS and with the ideas that were shared relative providing ACPOC the resources to move forward, grow and increase our abilities to provide knowledge to our members and patients.” – ACPOC member 

“I am more than pleased with how the transition is going to Affinity Strategies. As always, thank you for handling everything.” – AASPA member 

She notes that those looking for an association management company will find assistance not only with strategic planning, but also member engagement, financial management, human resources, digital infrastructure and design, fundraising, sponsorship and event planning, educational programming and credentialing and marketing, communications and graphic design. 

She looks forward to the future of Affinity and what is to come. 

“Affinity’s growth is infinite and the sky is the limit.”