Giving Thanks to Our Clients, Partners, and the Healthcare Community

Amy Thomasson
November 26, 2020

“No duty is more urgent than giving thanks.”
-James Allen

On this Thanksgiving week, the Affinity Strategies team would like to share our genuine appreciation for our clients, partners, and the healthcare community at large. This year especially, our clients have faced unbelievable challenges and have risen to the occasion with strength, fortitude, and compassion. It has been our pleasure and honor to partner with our volunteer boards, committees, and members to help lead these healthcare organizations and associations into a hopeful future. Here’s what some members of our team are thankful for:

“I am thankful that in these unprecedented times we are able to not only meet but exceed our clients expectations for virtual meetings in regards to registration, sponsorships and overall revenue. I’m also thankful for board members that are engaging, invested and willing to do all they can to further the association’s growth.”
Becky Cira
Senior Association Manager

“I am grateful to work with forward thinking clients and groups who met the challenges and uncertainty of this year and pivot quickly with creativity and flexibility! It was a year of great growth for all of us on the team and clients, and it was accomplished together. I’m proud to work with a team of forward thinking – supportive team members. Having a network of team members that I can grow and learn from is a true blessing!”
Charlotte Grill
VP, Strategy and Policy

“I’m most thankful for the patience our clients have had with us as we figured out how to best serve them this year. As new challenges have arisen with virtual meetings and membership marketing, we’ve had to think outside of the box and employ unconventional solutions to new and unique problems. Our clients have been very supportive as we try new approaches in membership engagement and have contributed great ideas in our day-to-day management as well.”
Daniel Hawley
Director, Creative and Digital

“This year I am thankful that all of our clients were able to not let a pandemic set them back by pivoting so quickly to virtual platforms. I am grateful that all our clients have been so forward thinking while navigating COVID and learning how to reach our clients virtually. Lastly, I am thankful to all of our members for being so understanding and willing to assimilate to a virtual world.”
Cayla Marconi
Chief of Staff

“I am grateful for all that I’ve learned about COVID-19 during this pandemic from our clients.  Most of our clients are working on the front line and still have time to educate their members and our team with webinars, lectures and resources on the latest data for COVID-19. Beyond grateful that I was able to help put out the most current resources for others that helped keep others informed.”
Corrine Marconi
Association Manager

“I’m thankful for wonderful team of colleagues, both clients and employees. I’m also thankful for the ability to meet our client’s challenges during an ever-changing and crazy 2020.”
Liz Schumacher

“As the newest member of the Affinity Strategies team, I am incredibly grateful for the thoughtfulness, expertise, and guidance of our staff and volunteer leaders. Onboarding to a new role remotely isn’t easy, but the Affinity team and the American College of Medical Quality Board of Trustees has been warm, welcoming, and has provided a wealth of knowledge in helping me get up to speed. Our volunteers and members are doing selfless work that has a direct impact on the quality of healthcare we receive. I can think of no more important work than theirs.”
Amy Thomasson
VP, Marketing and Membership

“My appreciation is that: 1.) Our clients are wonderful and appreciative of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. We put 100% into each organization. 2.) I am thankful to work with such great leadership in two organizations, the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists and the Society for Basic Urologic Research.”
Shelley Warnock
Senior Association Manager