Disinfectant Wipes and Business Solutions

Heather Leventry
May 13, 2021

Did you know that it takes 10 minutes for a disinfectant wipe to be effective in killing germs? I know this because my rep for a competitive product told me this. She wanted me to switch because her product cleans immediately—no waiting time. Is that what I need, a product that provides immediate gratification? Maybe when it comes to household cleaners. But in business life and sports, you rarely win without time to process. Why do you think football and other sports have time outs. 

Let’s stop scheduling a full day of meetings and start scheduling time to think. When we stop for a moment to think and reflect, we see the nuances of the situation. We can test out our hypothesis. We can decide that we need to talk to others and get more guidance. We may decide that there isn’t a problem to solve.

Think about the process of learning something new. Does anyone learn by osmosis? I wish I could sleep on top of a book and learn. Nope! To learn, I need time to process and reflect.

Find time in your day to let the cleaner sink in. Allow yourself to take breaks between meetings and journal. Allow yourself to think of alternate solutions before you go full force. Follow the Demming cycle and THINK, DO, PLAN, ACT.

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