Content Overload is Real

Heather Leventry
March 11, 2021

Content overload is real.
I am the type of person that has always loved to do research. More. More. More. Just one more article, book, or blog. The problem with research is the infinite number of resources available. When we build “knowledge banks,” we forget that someone else will be coming behind us looking for an answer. 

Googling is a verb. 
When most people do a Google search, they come up with so much information. Here are the outcomes of a Google search:

  • You feel overwhelmed and decide to give up
  • You pick the first couple of answers Google has chosen for you and accept those as truth
  • You reach out to people you trust for the answer

Content libraries contain too much information. 
When someone goes to your content library, do they feel overwhelmed? Do they know how to find the information they need? 

Here are some questions we should be asking ourselves:

  • Am I providing too many answers?
  • What are the most common questions?
  • At what point should we have a conversation?

Here is a quick framework for analyzing your content library:

  • Value Proposition 
    Are you creating value for your customers/members? 
  • Editing 
    Have you analyzed the content you are providing? (We need to edit often. Otherwise, we end up with a 4-hour movie no one wants to watch.)
  • Community Support 
    Do you provide a safe place for people to discuss solutions? 
  • Partnering 
    Do you partner with other teams and outside vendors? (We are stronger together.)

Here is what I know about relieving the stress of content overload in my own life.
I solve for content overload by creating systems. Systems don’t have to be complicated. Here are a few systems to try:

  • Deadlines
  • Checklists
  • Frameworks
  • Do a little bit at a time

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