The Impact of COVID-19 on Health Care Nonprofit Associations

Elizabeth Schumacher
June 02, 2020

Welcome to the June/July 2020 Affinity Strategies blog. This edition will focus on the impact of COVID-19 on health care nonprofit associations, their members, patients, and the way forward. At Affinity Strategies, we quickly understood the impact of COVID in mid-February, when our clients- pharmacists, doctors, PAs, nurses, PTs, researchers- began contacting us to tell us about the severity of the situation. To ensure we protected the health of everyone, our firm quickly pivoted to a virtual workplace and as a team. We have successfully found a new way forward, using digital tools, regular communication, and creative, innovative solutions to solve problems. We knew that live programs, conferences, and events would no longer be an option for the near term, so we developed our own proprietary digital platform to offer interactive, live educational content for our clients. Every virtual conference has exceeded both attendance and sponsorship goals. In fact, she of our clients will likely eliminate some of their live meetings in the future because virtual events have been so well received.

As a team, we feel honored to represent the health care providers who are serving patients on the front lines every single day. As a boutique health care association management and community engagement firm, we are proud of the pivoting we have done to offer our clients nothing less than high-quality options when compromising and making major changes has been necessary. This blog will focus on lessons we have learned; leadership tactics; need to know information around virtual events; state law COVID-19 updates and other great information. I have also shared my own personal story about the effect of COVID-19 for patients who have those “underlying conditions” — much like the elderly, we cannot forget about the most vulnerable among us. Serving patients and improving their diseases and medical conditions is the reason our client associations exist.

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