Member Spotlight: Angelo Caprio with American College of Medical Quality & American Board of Medical Quality

Lauren Shaffer
July 20, 2022

How did you first become interested in the healthcare field?

I first became interested freshman year of high school. Both my grandmother and uncle were sick with rheumatic fever. My father also had a form of jungle fever which he caught in Panama during World War II. These series of events got me interested in medicine.

What is your current position in your work?

I am the Chief Medical Officer for BioRestore. As a former general and vascular surgeon, I have given up the knife for non-opioid pain management and utilize stem cell and exosome therapies.

What drew you to ACMQ and ABMQ?

I am currently the chairman of ABMQ and Vice President of ACMQ. What initially drew me to the organizations was the whole idea of quality in the practice of medicine. There is still a sore spot in all medical practice from too many years of quality not being included. Even now that it is more in the limelight, it still sometimes is overlooked.

What do these organizations provide their members?

The American Board of Medical Quality provides members certification in medical quality, while the American College of Medical Quality provides education.

Why are you so passionate about these organizations?

I feel that there is just no organization that can answer the questions of quality quite like our organization.

What are some of the accomplishments the organizations have made in your time with them?

We provide our exam in the United States 100% online and offer our exam in Abu Dhabi as well. The college has managed to stay afloat and provide education during Covid-19 and this is the first time in a few years that we will have a live conference. We have already planned several excellent speakers for the meeting.

What is your favorite quote or motto by which you live?

The best doctors will do the best they can utilizing the best means of quality medicine.

What advice would you like to share with anyone new in the healthcare field?

No matter what you do, no matter how many times, give patients quality care because patients deserve that.

Do you have any final thoughts our readers should know?

I’m a four-time survivor of strokes. My involvement in ACMQ has helped me move on to be a doctor who can provide something in the quality of medicine.