Affinity has two areas of focus: Health care association strategy known as Affinity Strategies and Affinity Solutions, focused on improving the consumer experience in the health industry.



Affinity Strategies provides professional associations in the health care industry customized services to improve operations, member engagement, and marketing. Whether you seek full time leadership and supporting management team, or you just need specific services, we develop a solution designed for your association’s needs.

By leveraging our tried and true best practices and entrepreneurial spirit, we efficiently use our client’s valuable time and investment for the highest and best uses. We believe that the work we do for each client must be tailored and impactful. Every client is assigned to a committed and responsible team of professionals devoted to exceptional account management and consultative services.

Let’s get started on building your associations unique strategy today.


Affinity Solutions is a consultative service focused on evaluating and improving the consumer experience in the health industry.

Affinity Solutions was born from Liz’s observation that many of her past and current clients often sought her insights because of her combined professional and patient expertise. After building Affinity Strategies to become one of the most innovative nonprofit healthcare association management companies in the country, Liz recently formed Affinity Solutions to focus on improving the consumers experience in the health industry.

Let’s get started on understanding your consumer, improving their experience, and building your unique strategy today.



To listen to our clients’ needs and wishes and serve as their partner in offering exciting solutions and opportunities. To collaborate and offer fresh, smart and functional contributions. To build a shared affinity with each client’s values, mission, vision and roadmap. To implement a partnership that touches every facet of the organization.


Our approach combines an entrepreneurial vision with traditional, tried and true practices. We listen to your needs and help you realize your organization’s wishes for the future. We help you develop a plan with achievable deliverables, using proven tactics that will help you achieve your strategic priorities. We take pride in working with you to maximize your resources to see visible, exciting results. We always strive to keep the momentum moving during and after change. Every client benefits from emerging digital tools that we continually research and apply to our business, as well as proprietary tools and practices that we have developed and know work well for our niche client audience.


In today’s digital age, every business – whether it be a nonprofit association or a for profit company – must effectively use technology to engage their key audience. Whether it is your organization’s membership or a new demographic you are trying to reach, it is essential that you use effective, engaging, consistent content and outreach strategies to stay in front of those you want to reach. Are you telling your audience what they need to hear to support your organization? We leverage our entire team to work hand in hand with you to develop your engagement strategy. We live in a time when we cannot simply rely on traditional means to grow our clients, and at AS, we only work with clients who embrace this forward approach to ensure that we share in mutual success.