Affinity Solutions works with many health care clients, including pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers, academic medical centers, hospitals and health care systems, health insurers, health care nonprofit associations, wellness and fitness companies.

Examples of Affinity Solutions key focus areas are:

Customer Experience

  • Using quantitative and qualitative techniques, research and understand and the motives, feelings and behaviors of target audiences in order to deepen our understanding of how and why people choose, and buy.

  • Test pathways of patient experience by walking the brand interface, digital activity as demonstrated using real time analytics, and study social network insights.

  • Use existing methods to collect consumer insights including Google analytics, database management insights, and results from direct to consumer marketing.

Engagement Programs

  • Development of a new online educational portal that provides online continuing medical education programs on demand.

  • Development of a series of client podcasts focused on a specific medical disease.

  • Development of mindfulness training program for patients with chronic medical illness.

  • Development of Patient Advocacy 101 training targeted for a specific patient audience, promoting patient empowerment, adherence, and disease understanding.

  • Pharma- Patient Adherence. Patient adherence to a specific treatment regimen, empowering patients to own their “whole health,” and allow them to control what they are able to own about their health when so many other factors are outside of their control.

  • Pharma- Patient Governance Training. Educating and engaging patients for clinical volunteer roles-how do you educate and empower patients to understand how to provide meaningful feedback in clinical roles.

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