“Liz is a professional in the best sense of the word. She studies issues until she understands not just the issue but the nuances. She understands the players, and the politics. She always works WITH people to find the best result. It is clear that Liz is willing to put in the hard work necessary, but her positive attitude may be her best trait. It is all these skills and attributes that have led Liz to be successful at building relationships, and getting things done.”

J.P. Wieske

Former Insurance Commissioner

State of Wisconsin

“I just wanted to thank you for always being so fun and friendly. I really have fun seeing you at the meetings and I loved getting to know you more at the recent meeting! Can’t wait to see you at the next meeting!”

Kiah Hicks, PharmD

Student Member, Kappa Epsilon Professional Pharmacy Fraternity

“You ROCK! Great job pulling this together!!”

Marianne Billeter, Pharm.D, BCPS

Manager, Clinical Pharmacy Services
New Hanover Regional Medical Center
Wilmington, Delaware

“It is my pleasure working with your team, and it is easy to stay positive when it’s evident our association is moving forward!”

Susie Harms, PT

Immediate Past President

Kansas Physical Therapy

“I have to say this was the best fall conference we have had in a while! Next year’s will be even better! Thanks Team!”

Meg King, PT


Mississippi Physical Therapy Association

We were very comfortable with the conversations that we have had with AS and with the ideas that were shared relative providing ACPOC the resources to move forward, grow and increase our abilities to provide knowledge to our members and patients.

Robert Lipschutz

President, ACPOC

Clinical Practice Leader, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

“I am more than pleased with how the transition is going to Affinity Strategies. As always, thank you for handling everything. Looking forward to 2020!”

Erika Nigam, PA

President, AASPA

I have been working my way through a variety of issues with an educational course, and I wanted to mention that I have experienced a tremendous amount of excellent service. Becky Cira, has gone out of her way to help me organize and get my course approved in a timely manner. She has been more than generous and has been excellent with troubleshooting my issues and getting them resolved in a very timely manner. In today’s day and age of flooded emails, she has done an excellent job keeping up and providing me what I needed! Becky took the time to email others and even provided quality suggestions on how to complete the problems presented. With her help I have tackled my problems and will be able to efficiently advertise and host my course knowing that my attendees will have an official pre approved course! Thank you for hiring excellent staff members!

Dan Quillan, DPT, ATC, CSCS

Kansas Physical Therapy Association

I just want to tell you that the first day of the meeting was excellent! My sincere compliments! You and the team created (due to COVID) a new communication tool that should not only be relegated to an annual meeting but also could be used on a predetermined schedule to enhance the “community of quality!” Actually, interestingly-enough, a somewhat more “personal approach” despite the virtual environment. Kudos!”

Roberta Locko-Leo, MD