Affinity Strategies

Discovering New Ways to Engage Members with Rosaleen Tully

Lauren Shaffer
January 13, 2023

Contributing in both big and small ways to clients to help them reach their goals is the reason Rosaleen Tully is so passionate about what she does at Affinity Strategies.

As Director of Operations for the American Foregut Society, Industry Relations Director for several clients and a part of the marketing team, Rosaleen wears many hats to assist clients.

“We have worked at negotiating additional revenue to enable clients to pursue their goals and have brought brand awareness, promoted the organization’s mission and strategic plan to help them succeed,” Rosaleen said.

She notes that she has always been an entrepreneur at heart, co-owning two Learning Express Toy stores for 15 years with a passion for sales and marketing before coming to Affinity Strategies a year and a half ago.

That passion has led her to service her clients in their top goals and needs for their association.

“These passionate health care providers have a shared mission to improve patient outcomes. If I can be just a small part in helping people feel better, become healthier, surviving, and thriving, that will be the greatest gift I can provide,” she said.

She also noted that Affinity’s CEO, Elizabeth Schumacher, “guides us to be solution seekers.”

“We’ve found a partner who shares our healthcare passion. Kudos for their expertise in everything from strategic planning and design to meeting planning and financial management.”

As technology advances, Rosaleen notes there will be more opportunities to bring about growth for medical associations.

“I believe that technology is going to increase engagement, synergy, and collaboration between the membership, leadership and industry,” she said. “The Early Career Learners are the future of the societies, and we need to seek innovative ways to engage them through technology. They’re not sitting at a computer checking email, they’re on their cell phone, texting and responding through social media. We need to find new ways to reach membership.”

As an association management company that specializes in medical clients, Rosaleen noted that the passion of the team will benefit those looking to grow their association.

“We offer associations a team of like-minded professionals who will share their passion and champion their mission to improve patient outcomes. We will enable the leadership and membership to focus on their strategic plan, action items and initiatives.”