Affinity Strategies

The Affinity Strategies Story

Elizabeth Schumacher
June 17, 2021

Affinity Strategies was born from a passion for healthcare advocacy. We are committed to representing healthcare clients—nonprofit professional healthcare associations, patient organizations, and healthcare stakeholders. As the founder and CEO of Affinity Strategies, as well as a lifelong kidney transplant patient, my professional commitment to you is based in my personal passion to advance the best medical research and patient care possible. Affinity Strategies works with clients who truly want a partner to help them advance and be the best they can be. Whether your organization is just starting out or is very mature and is seeking a fresh approach to association management, we are your team. Together, we bring forth our skills and experience as association management experts to achieve the best results possible. Our organization takes pride in providing the best service and expertise with personalized customer service. We are in this together, and our team are your champions. Because we only work with health care organizations, we speak your language. Many of our team members have medical and association backgrounds and thus, we understand not only your association needs, but your unique member needs as well.

We take pride in developing the best solutions possible to meet each client’s agenda, budget, and goals. We are a digital-first company, meaning we rely on digital tools to grow efficiency and maximize everyone’s time. By using digital tools we are able to scale association practices and use both staff and client’s very best skills, time and thinking to implement entrepreneurial, forward thinking tactics. We consistently provide best practices models to clients to ensure we are being the most zealous advocates possible and sharing what works.

Affinity Strategies provides full-service association management services to clients. Our new digital platform, Chorus, provides both a la carte and subscription services for organizations that want a more “DIY” approach. Maybe your organization just needs help in a few areas or seeks to be part of a larger community of similar types of organizational leaders to share ideas and best practices. Chorus is a great alternative to get your organization started with select services customized to a menu of offerings to create a service model that is exactly what you want.

We look forward to becoming your partner and welcoming you into our community. Please contact us if you would like more information and have a conversation about the best solutions for you!